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[ad]Continuing from the last post, here are 5 of my favorite 80’s rappers, in no particular order:

And you win the best moustache award this side of Frank Zappa!

And you win the best moustache award this side of Frank Zappa!

1. Slick Rick

Slick Rick was the archtypecal 80s rapper – fun, and just way cooler and retarded  than anybody in the current or preceding decade. In the meantime, he also found time to scare the mainstream with songs like Treat her Like a Prostitute.

Beastie Boys

2. Beastie Boys

The Beastie Boys are still growing strong today, a fact that can be owed to the tremendous appeal their music has to people all across the board. It took a long time for them to get mainstream success and street cred – until the 90s, they were still white boys in a world of black rappers, anomolies if nothing else. Their style is very, very distinct and rooted in punk.

Best song? Sabotag from their 1994 album III Communication. Period.


3. N.W.A.

How could you beat a rap group that consisted of Easy E, Dr. Dre, and Ice Cube? N.W.A. took the Public Enemy socially conscious rap to the street and were easily the finest rap group of their time. Ice Cube since then has taken to doing shitty family friendly movies, but Dr.Dre is now one of the finest rap producers around credited with “discovering” some of the best rap talents in the world, namely Eminem. But back in the 80’s, the N.W.A. was the most badass group the mainstream had seen ever. No wonder there were so many requests to get them banned.

Best songs? Gangsta Gangsta and Fuck Tha Police.


4. Run D.M.C.

Run D.M.C. was the towering 80’s rap supergroup that was easily able to bridge the gap between socially conscious rap and consumer friendly fare. Although I’ll never forgive them for the shitty Aerosmith collaboration (‘Walk This Way’) that eventually led to bands like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, Run D.M.C. remains the most successful rap group of the 80’s.

Best songs? King of Rock and It’s Like That.

Public Enemy

5. Public Enemy

Public Enemy laid the foundation of socially conscious rap with a message, right before Kanye West and gang came over and took a gigantic dump on it with trademark douchbag behavior. In terms of scariness, Public Enemy were right there (even better) than N.W.A.; Chuck D, Terminator X, and Flava Flav took rap to a new level which few rappers from the 90s have been able to match. Its another thing that Flavor Flav now spends most of his time these days honing up on crazy, but Public Enemy remains critically the best rap group of the past 3 decades.


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