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[ad]Our first featured artist is Urban Rock Band, a hip hop group from New York City.

Urban Rock Band was founded by Sdaerd (pronounced Sa‐dear’d) and “Lucky” Logan P. McCoy. “Lucky” is the group’s main producer and arranger, while Sdaerd is the lead vocalist. Sdaerd and Lucky are the two main, full time and official members of the group, though they enlist other performers during the recording process.

The Founders: "Lucky" Logan

The Founders: "Lucky" Logan

The Founders: Sdaerd

The Founders: Sdaerd

Since 1999, the group has been selling their own music on the streets of New York, and have sold over 50,000 copies of their 14 (yes, fourteen) albums.

Check out their website for a complete bio

The Music

Urban Rock Band, as the name implies, has a definite rock tilt to their sound, with heavy bass guitars, drums, and liberal guitars. There is a certain Tupac twang to their vocal sound, as well as their lyrics, which are mature, grown-up.

I would be tempted to classify Urban Rock Band as a Indie Rap band, with elements of Indie Rock thrown in. I believe that the Independent Rap scene is the home of the most exciting music right now as most mainstream artists struggle with staleness. Urban Rock Band certainly confirms this little belief of mine.

On their latest album, Hip Hop 3.0, my favorite song has to be “Black Morning” – a dark, atmospheric meditation on the nature of death and personal fallibilities. They also have a really *killer* video with some amazing production values for this song:

Lyrics for “Black Morning” can be found here: Black Morning Lyrics

The group also offers all songs from their previous fourteen albums for free download at their website.

You can get in touch with the band here

Please check out their music at their website. You can also check out their music at the iTunes store and at Amazon.

For their atmospheric, rock centric music, deep, meditative lyrics, and amazing video(s), Urban Rock Band is our Featured Artist of the Week.



3 Responses to “Featured Artist: Urban Rock Band”

  1. Rootsdaughter August 6, 2009


  2. Totally agree with you. I’m actually pretty smug and proud about making them the featured artists.

    Don’t forget to download their music at their website..that’s some killer shit for free

  3. Oldboy Lorxy August 9, 2009

    am feelin d urban rock,
    u guys rock.

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