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Lil Wayne is one of the most popular rappers among fans and MCs alike. He’s one of the largest selling, most talented artists around and has sold millions and millions of albums. Like any of the top artists such as Jay-Z, Eminem or Kanye, Lil Wayne has a very unique rapping style that can be instantly recognized. For obvious reasons, a lot of aspiring rappers want to be able to rap like him.

To rap like Lil Wayne, you’ll first have to learn to recreate his Southern drawl. If you listen to his tapes closely, you’ll notice how he stretches his syllables. Instead of saying “ya all”, he’ll say “ya aaalll”, putting emphasis on the last syllables. His rhymes often tend to get stretched over the beats.

A key aspect of Lil Wayne rapping style is his vocals. While some rappers like Eminem have great lyrics, some amazing production skills (like Kanye), and some have great flow (Jay-Z, Andre 3000), Lil Wayne has great control over his voice. As a rapper, you are not expected to have the strong vocals of an R&B crooner, but to rap like Lil Wayne, you’ll have to strengthen your vocals.

The easiest way to strengthen your vocals is to perform some vocal exercises that are designed specifically for rappers and not classically trained singers. First, stretch your vocal chords by opening your mouth wide as if you are yawning. Do this 5 times in a row, slowly.

To really get the Lil Wayne sound, you want to add strength and power to your voice. To do this, practice your resonance by humming from below the navel. Your voice should feel as if it is coming from your gut, deep, resonating and powerful. Of course, this is easier said than done and can be very difficult to achieve, particularly while rapping. But if you really want to be able to rap like Lil Wayne, this is an essential step to building the power and strength that Wayne has in his voice.

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