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Yes, they're rich, douchy jerks. But they're what we all aspire to be.

Yes, they're rich, douchy jerks. But they're what we all aspire to be.

Most of us hip hop fans dream of starting our own rap label.

We’ve seen the likes of Jay-Z, Pharell, Simmons, and Diddy go HUGE with their rap labels and go legit: from pimpin drugs to making hundreds of millions an year.

In fact, people like Diddy and Simmons got huge without any rapping talent. My five year old nephew can rap better than Diddy, whose best work was rhyming stupid on a Led Zepplin tune (I’m talking about “Come With Me” that used Led Zepplin’s “Kashmir” sample).

Of course, starting your own rap label isn’t like starting your own lemonade stand. The legal, artistic, financial complications can be daunting. Just gathering all the knowledge and information required to start your own rap label, let alone the finances and the artists can take years.

Music empires, of course, aren’t built overnight.

But I stumbled upon a site yesterday that promises to guide you step by step on how to build your own rap label.

The site’s name is Get Put On.

The information isn’t free, of course – great information seldom is, and the guy burning the night candle to pull all the material together has to be compensated for his work and info too – like, what would you pay to have a music production lesson from Kanye? Hundreds and thousands of dollars, I would imagine.

Owning your own rap label, signing on new talent, making them big and hitting the limelight – that has been the rap dream for decades, ever since producers became as big as the performers, and sometimes, even biggers. But that’s a complicated world, full of legal, financial and logistical turmoils. This guide – and I swear by it – makes sense of the maddening complexities.

Click here to visit the site and check it out for yourself.

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