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That last post about MJ’s September 26 tribute concert made a bit nostalgic. So I pulled out one of my favorite books on a musician and browsed through it.

Jacko, His Rise and Fall: The Social and Sexual History of Michael Jackson is just what the title says it would be: a no holds barred, entertaining, but sympathetic look at the life of Michael Jackson.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I don’t think we will ever have a star greater than Michael Jackson in this century. The internet and our changing distribution mediums have made sure that there are no real stars anymore, only musicians. MJ was at the peak of his musical prowess when the musician celebrity culture was at its highest point too (MTV had just launched, pop music was all the rage, etc.).

Of course, that takes nothing away from MJ, whose singular talent would have made him a superstar in any century.

If you’re interested in the life of Michael Jackson and want to understand, chronicle, and look at it through eyes that are not entirely unsympathetic, this is a must read book:

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