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Home » Rap News » Jay-Z is the Most Powerful Man in Hip Hop

Who’s the most powerful man in hip hop?


Yup, leaving behind Diddy, 50, Eminem, Russell Simmons, the Jigga tops the rankings by hip hop magazine The Source.

Nice for Jay-Z. These rankings, of course, mean very little. Eminem might not be on top of that list, but his multi-platinum album is a testimony of his power on the charts. So is 50’s mean $150 million dollar revenue in 2008. And so is Diddy’s star making qualities.


3 Responses to “Jay-Z is the Most Powerful Man in Hip Hop”

  1. This is dissapointing, but obvious. He’s clearly the richest rapper and I respect that. However, I will never like his music. I don’t repsect him as an artist. I just loathed his style/flow from day one. I feel like he is one of the fakest rappers out, but has the most people believing it. You will never see me review any of his garbage music. However, I will give him props for being rich as hell. Check out my blog and see who I am into: Peace.

  2. Agreed with that. His style has gone too tired. His rhymes were never in their place..the only Jay-Z song I can digest is “Hard Knock Life”

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