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There are lots of rapping guide books and manuals which offer tips and advice in teaching you how to rap. Rap Like a Pro is one of them.

New rappers can get a head start in learning to rap by reading up on the basics and fundamentals of rap music.

Rap Like A Pro says it is The Official How To Rap Manual For Aspiring MC’s. Here are some of the topics covered in the book:

  • The Basics Of Rapping – Learn the foundation of rapping!
  • How To Come Up With Rhymes – Learn simple but very effective ways to come up with rhymes with ease!
  • How To Write Rap Songs – I will explain the 4 steps used to write a rap song!
  • How To Write Hot Hooks – Hooks can make your rap songs instint hits, if you know how to write them!
  • How To Freestyle Rap – I reveal exactly what it takes to become a REAL Freestyle Rapper and how you can become one!
  • The one thing that you should never do when freestyle rapping and how to avoid it!

Title: Rap Like A Pro – The Official How To Rap Manual For Aspiring MC’s
By: The Ghost Writer

The Official How To Rap Guide For Aspiring MC’s

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